FIRE FLASH – The High Pressure Quad

3F presents FIRE FLASH, our Ultra High Pressure System designed to fit on any model of Quad.
FIRE FLASH resolves the access difficulties for forest fires. When it becomes impossible for fire trucks or 4x4 car, the Quad can still pass through...
FIRE FLASH is a complete system, with a 70L water tank, a full foam injection system and a pump running at 140 bars. The combination of High Pressure and foam agent allows multiplying the extinguishing power by 10, to make the best use of water.

FIRE FLASH is offered already mounted on a Kazuma Quad : FIRE QUAD

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CTD launches Palleon, the ultimate tool for foam dosing systems

CTD is the leader again, bringing superior technology to market for the dosing of foam concentrate. Based on CTD accurate technology to positively inject the exact amount of foam into the water stream, the system is dosing in real time, whatever the pressure or flow rate.

The new Palleon control screen is designed for simplicity and ease of control. Cost-effective Palleon brings the electronic dosing technology for use in fixed fire protection installation wherever the foam needs to be used...

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A new set of tools to deal with urban and forest fires

3F engineers are proud to bring onto the market FIRE ANGEL, our new equipment to extinguish medium-sized fires in seconds.
Within 30 seconds a fire can be well established and too large for an extinguisher – you need a tool which can be used immediately to tackle fast-growing fires with confidence.
Based on its 10 years experience in High Pressure systems, 3F engineers has been developing FIRE ANGEL, combining the benefits of Ultra High Pressure and the efficiency of our best Smart Foam FREEFOR SF, to offer efficient and economic tools for firemen.
FIRE ANGEL develops a pressure of 185 Bars – 2780 Psi – at a flow rate of 19 Lpm – 5 GPM – to make best use of water and additive to extinguish a car fire in less than 3 minutes with a consumption of merely 60 litres of water.
Safe, reliable, robust and affordable, FIRE ANGEL is your must-have equipment to tackle 95% of day to day fires, the remaining 5% being the oil tanks and special chemical fires.

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3F AMERICAS & JOHSTADT has concluded an agreement of representation for the full range of portable water pumps.

That includes Petrol and Diesel pumps running from 200 to 2000 Lpm – 50 to 500 GPM, and trailers with higher flow rates.

Robust and simples, our pumps can run 24/7 if needed.

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Worldwide innovation: a survival bubble against toxic fumes!

3F Américas Inc. and A.T.I. have signed a sales agreement for DETEX to represent the product in Latino America.

DETEX is a UNIQUE and PATENTED product: first smoke detector and extractor without external evacuation, it creates a survival bubble in case of fire.
Smoke intoxication causes death in 80% of all cases of fire in a room. Approximately 800 fatalities are known to have occurred in France alone through smoke inhalation.
Easy to install, without maintenance, warranted for 10 years, DETEX can save lives: public buildings, residential housing, office, towers, hospital, schools...

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