NATURAL ENGLAND is an English Public body aiming to protect and improve the environment.
They selected FAS – High Pressure Systems – together with FREEFOR additive for their fire fighting operations ensuring that would not lead to detrimental effect on the environment. They successfully and easily put up a wild land fire of 150ha using the efficiency of FAS and FREEFOR and both products are an integral part of Natural England operations. We trust this leads to a major step forward in modern fire fighting techniques.

ANCAP Refinery

3F has been awarded the contract to supply ANCAP Refinery for the supply of CTD's dosing systems to protect their sites in Uruguay.

This milestone achievement opens the way in south America to leading innovative technologies for fire fighting operations.

Klean easy-to-use cleaning concentrate

3F launches on the market its latest innovation to address the post intervention after car accidents / fires : KLEAN, an easy-to-use cleaning concentrate which turns oil and grease spills into a readily digestable emulsion. Forceful application and water clean up will restore 100% the original grip on the road in minutes and avoid the long and hazardous exercise of collection and disposal. Usable at 3% ; recommended use with FAS.

CTD dosing systems to Avon Fire & Rescue Service UK

3F sister company ABC MacIntosh has just been awarded the contract to supply CTD dosing systems to Avon Fire & Rescue Service UK via the main contractor Angloco. The Salamandre 360 units are the first supplied to the UK.

FAS systems

3F innovates on its FAS systems, introducing a new lance to fit at the end of the Dual nozzle. More resistant - aluminium versus plastic - easier to use - a solid grip versus a round one - easier to adjust: a new ''stop'' selects the position.