3F AMERICAS is born!

We keep enlarging our international network with a new office in Panama.
Being located at the centre of the American continent, 3F AMERICAS confirms its growth in the Americas and offers an improved servicing for our distributors and partners.

Another brick in our wall of fire defence: FAS PAC is born!

3F engineering department is proud to bring a new tool in his comprehensive range of FAS: Fire Attack Systems.
FAS PAC is a portable and light back-pack system designed for a fast and efficient fire attack by an individual fire fighter. FAS PAC is ideal for rapid response situations and can be carried on a Quad or motorbike. FAS PAC is offered as Water Mist or Foam.

News from Wales UK !

Due to the operational success of the first series of High Pressure Systems, 3F sister company ABC MacIntosh - based in the UK – supplies yet another series of 5 FAS minis to South Wales FRS in conjunction with MACWORTH vehicle builders.
Mid & West Wales FRS continues the daily use of FREEFOR class A additive and specified the TRITON high pressure dosing system on the new EMERGENCY ONE trucks they recently ordered.

The Cameleon lands in Ecuador

Cuenca Fire Brigade picked up a Cameleon dosing system on their new fire truck. 3F and its partner, Global's Distribuidor, foresee a coming wave of modernisation in Equator fire fighting equipment and techniques.

FAS make the event in Panama!

In March 2013, more than 120 firemen from Panama participated in a demonstration on real fires at David in Chiriqui. A fire of 30 tyres has been extinguished with FAS Ultra and FREEFOR SF2. Full extinction was done in 5'35'' with 94 litres of water and less than 1 litre of foam additive. This exceptional result convinced the Fire Brigades of the great potential of FAS and the High Pressure Technology as effective and efficient answer to their daily fire outbreaks.