FREEDOL successfully gets the new T12 standard

3F and his French partner EcoProtection, have passed at French Test House CNPP its couple High expansion generator ECOGENE 400 / FREEDOL Fluorine Free Foam 3X3.
The results are excellent and foam expansion value is over 600.
This certificate paves the road to global use of ECOGENE 400 / FREEDOL on the protection of fixed High Expansion systems for fire protection in warehouse.
This approval emphasizes the possible use of sustainable eco-friendly solutions for fire protection.


TSF becomes 3F distributor in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland.

This agreement will lead to a strong development for 3F specialities and equipment on the first market in Europe.


3F AFRICA in action

3F AFRICA, together with its partner Eco Sécurité Maroc, has launched in 2014 a large commercial action and exhibited in 3 large exhibitions in Morocco.

  • iSAF in February
  • Preventica In March
  • Air Show Marrakech in April

We registered significant interest and our customers were very enthusiastic to discover our new structure based at the Casablanca Industrial Estate. First orders have been confirmed and foam manufacturing has started. We can now supply our products to end-user in a few days, or hours in case of emergency.

Our laboratory is fully operational and will allow our customers to check locally their foam stocks.

Party Foam: from an old high expansion recipe to a modern and safe product

3F takes care of its customers and means it!

Would you believe that party foams supplied today are merely high expansion foams with no proper consideration of the final use of the product!

3F is now offering a state of the art party foam specifically designed to do what it is supposed to do: create party foam without irritation to eyes and skin.

Another SMART FOAM: Solvent-Free HYFEX P.


A brand new range of fire fighting foam concentrates designed to combine high efficiency and consideration of the environment.

Their main feature is the removal of solvents -Solvent Free- in their formulation:

3F SF 3D- Reduction of the COD/BOD for a better degradation,

- Reduction of the consumption of oxygen in watercourses lowering the impact on living organisms,

- Reduction of immediate toxicity by elimination of hazardous components,

- Reduction of fuel contamination of the foam leading to enhanced burn back resistance.