A new star in our sky : POK !

3F Americas is proud to announce the integration of POK in the range of fire fighting products for our network of distributors in Latino America.
The full range of POK products includes nozzles, monitors, couplings, and numerous accessories.
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FILMEX 1 : Top rated AFFF-AR 1X1

3F is proud to announce the release of its ultimate foam concentrate 1x1 : FILMEX 1.
The product has been certified to EN 1568 part 3 and 4 and is rated Class 1A on Hydrocarbons and 1C on Polar Solvents. This product fills a gap in the range of products to be offered to the industry as it allows to reduce the stock of foam concentrate, especially in mobile protection.
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The state of Queensland – Australia - has formerly released their new policy for fire-fighting foam. This policy announcement is without question a landmark decision and an earthquake in the industry. They open the road to soon-to-come prohibition of the manufacture and use of fire fighting foams containing fluorinated compounds.
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October 2016: Conference Forest fires in Lima

The French Government, with the support of Peruvian authorities, have organised a conference in Lima for fire-fighting against forest fires from the 10th to the 13th of October 2016. The delegates – Fire Brigades, Civil Protection – from all Latino America will attend the event and follow the presentation given by French experts.

3F Américas Inc is joining the seminar and will present its technical solutions – CTD : foam dosing systems ; POK : nozzles ; RCY : water flexible tanks – and foam concentrates for forest fire fighting.

Range of vessels CNTI

3F now offers a range of vessels designed to fight fires at sea and the control pollution issues. Our French partner CNTI, is a specialist in aluminium-designed taylor-made vessels.
3F realizes on-demand fire-fighting, anti-pollution vessels and sea drones,... fully equipped with the latest technology to tackle any emergency situation at sea whether it is marina or port protection, fire-fighting at sea, boom installation, beachhead for floating waste collection, dispersant spreading with the sea drone...