A new set of tools to deal with urban and forest fires

3F engineers are proud to bring onto the market FIRE ANGEL, our new equipment to extinguish medium-sized fires in seconds.
Within 30 seconds a fire can be well established and too large for an extinguisher – you need a tool which can be used immediately to tackle fast-growing fires with confidence.
Based on its 10 years experience in High Pressure systems, 3F engineers has been developing FIRE ANGEL, combining the benefits of Ultra High Pressure and the efficiency of our best Smart Foam FREEFOR SF, to offer efficient and economic tools for firemen.
FIRE ANGEL develops a pressure of 185 Bars – 2780 Psi – at a flow rate of 19 Lpm – 5 GPM – to make best use of water and additive to extinguish a car fire in less than 3 minutes with a consumption of merely 60 litres of water.
Safe, reliable, robust and affordable, FIRE ANGEL is your must-have equipment to tackle 95% of day to day fires, the remaining 5% being the oil tanks and special chemical fires.

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