F.A.S. means Fire Attack Systems. Our systems are designed to offer an immediate and rapid response to attack a fire. To achieve this, our engineers have relied on High Pressure technology to make the best use of water for fire fighting.
F.A.S. will answer many important issues:
Efficiency • Autonomy • Environment • Ease-of-use • Compact • Light weight

The Technology

FAS technologyF.A.S. Fire Attack Systems are high-pressure water / foam systems delivering a fine water spray. The systems are manufactured by ABC MacIntosh in the UK and distributed through the 3F network of agents and distributors.

The Advantages

FAS advantagesA portable high pressure fire suppression system such as our Fire Attack Systems must provide particular attributes to make such a system appropriate for its designed application. The end user should consider the key areas of design.

The Equipment


FAS Model Fuel Type Pressure (Bar)

Pressure (Psi)

Flow Rate (l/mn) Flow Rate (Gal/mn) Weight (kg)


Hose lengths Reels Technical data
FAS ULTRA Petrol 200 3000 19 5 105 Key 2 x 30m 2 pdf
FAS ULTRA DIESEL Diesel 200 3000 19 5 108 Key 2 x 30m 2 pdf
FAS MINI Petrol 140 2100 14 4 45 Manual 1 x 30m 1 pdf
Petrol 120 1800 50 13 220 Key 1 x 60m 1 pdf
FAS POWER Electricity 180 3000 19 5 124 Auto - Manual 1 to 12 x 30m 1 pdf
FAS H40 External Hydraulic 200 2900 40 10 250  N/A 2 x 100m 2 pdf
FAS PAC Compressed Air 15 220 11 3 23 N/A 1 x 1m N/A pdf


F.A.S. is offered installed in dedicated vehicles to attack fires in the worst conditions of access :
F.A.S.Max : 4x4 vehicle design to drive on forest paths. Light and handy, it can move fast and securely to the fire zone even through difficult ground.
F.A.S.Trakker : Off-road vehicle on tracks, designed to move in the worst ground conditions. F.A.S.Trakker will move in deep mud, snow, rivers, rocks, sand...


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