Smart Foams ®

3F is paving the way to bring into the world a broad range of innovative fire fighting foams and additives

Welcome to SMART FOAMS ®

This brand-new technology encompasses the full list of ingredients used in fire fighting products and scrutinizes the impact of every single chemical.

This raw material screening leads to eliminate commonly used compounds such as:

3F SF 3D

  •  Surfactants based on petro chemical resources,
  • Ramified and/or aromatic surfactants,
  • Chemically produced glycols (Butyl Glycol, Butyl Carbitol...),
  • Alcohols,
  • Silicone-based surfactants and polymers,
  • Fluorocompounds in non-AFFF products,
  • Harmful chemicals.

The answer to address the replacement of these chemicals is found in the careful selection of naturally based surfactants and polymers and combination of their synergic properties to produce a full range of products.


Foams Type Concentration FFF SF EN 1568 ISO 7203 Marine ICAO Last Fire Applications Technical data
3F SF 3DFREEFOR SF A 0.1% - 1% puceverte puceverte pucerouge pucerouge appforet pdf
HYFEX SF3F SF 3D HX 1%-3%-6% puceverte puceverte pucerouge pucerouge apphf pdf
3F SF 3DFREESOLV SF AFFF 1%-3%-6% puceverte pucerouge pucerouge pucerouge pucerouge pucerouge apppetrole pdf
3F SF 3DFREEDOL SF FFF AR 3x3-3x6 puceverte puceverte pucerouge pucerouge apppetroleappmolecule pdf
3F SF 3DT-FOAM SF  S 1%-3%-6%   puceverte puceverte pdf
3F SF 3DTOLTEX SF AFFF AR 1x3-3x3-3x6  puceverte  pucerouge pucerouge  pdf
3F SF 3DFREEDEX SF AB puceverte  puceverte pucerouge   appextinceur pdf