3F dedicated itself to design a comprehensive range of chemicals to fulfill the requirement for safety for the industry. 3F is proud to offer a range of products falling in the following categories.

Extinguisher additives: the range includes a comprehensive group of foams and additives to meet any level for A, B, and F ratings to EN3 standard.

3F has an experience exceeding 20 years in development of fire fighting foams and understands the needs for efficient products to ensure the best protection to fight fires.

EXTINGUISHERS Type FFF SF 2L 3L 6L 9L Applications Technical Data Safety Data
FATSEAL ABF 40F 75F appextinceur pdf pdf
B 144B 183B appextinceur pdf pdf1R pdf1B
GENEX E AB 70B 89B 183B 233B appextinceur pdf pdf
NEWTEX B-AR 34B 34B appextinceurappmolecule pdf pdf
3F SF 3DPENTSPRAY  A puceverte puceverte 13A 27A 34A appextinceur pdf pdf
3F SF 3DPENTSPRAY PLUS  A puceverte puceverte 21A 43A 55A appextinceur pdf pdf+RS6 pdf+RS9